Market performance in the medium and long term

The investment philosophy of Jýsan Invest is based on the belief that markets are effective in the medium and long term. Therefore, we invest in financial instruments, issuers of which are companies with fundamentally strong financial indicators, which have a built and clear business model, and are time tested.

We believe that a long-term approach to your investments creates a favorable condition for increasing your well-being.

Long-term strategic asset allocation

Our philosophy is based on long-term strategic asset allocation. We create our portfolios through the prism of modern portfolio management theory, adhering to a reasonable diversification and careful assessment of risk and market volatility. Strategic asset allocation in the long run should be accompanied by short-term tactical decisions.

This combination allows us to promptly respond to external adverse leaps in the market, as well as to benefit the client from arbitrage opportunities in the short term. At the same time, we strive to share our vision with clients in a timely and transparent manner.


Customization of the investment strategy for the needs of each client is of paramount importance for us. We help clients with setting clear goals and building a global diversified portfolio. At the same time, we strive to timely and transparently inform our clients about the status of their portfolios.

A team of professionals make investment decisions using a “top-down” methodology. Thus, the identification of opportunities for our clients begins with an in-depth study of the markets of developed and developing countries, the definition of attractive sectors of the economies of countries at the time of investment, as well as a fundamental analysis of individual companies.

Cost control

We know that costs matter. Stable results depend on each base point provided for the client and helps them achieve their investment goals. Adhering to fiduciary standards, we do not expose the client’s portfolio to a risk level that is not commensurate with a given level of profitability.

We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our business processes and reduce costs, including through the introduction of advanced technologies and innovations.

Our highly disciplined investment team is constantly exploring the global market and identifies both interesting opportunities and warning signals. Thus, our team applies the necessary tactical decisions only at the moments of need, which allows the company to control investment costs and achieve attractive returns for customers.