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FHJI history

First Heartland Jýsan Invest is a company providing a wide range of modern investment solutions in the securities market and licensed by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan to implement investment portfolio management, brokerage and dealer activities in the securities market and has been providing its professional services since 2004. The company brings together professionals in the securities market and has multi-years of successful experience working with private and corporate clients. The sole shareholder is Jýsan Bank JSC — one of the largest modern second-tier banks.

Jýsan Invest is the only investment brokerage company strategically located in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the location of all state-owned companies and the international financial center, and has a full-fledged office in the financial center of the country — in Almaty. The company with its services covers all of Kazakhstan, and online services are limitless.

Jýsan Invest provides a high level of professional services in order to maximize potential profits. Since the founding, the Company has organized a bond issue for a total amount of more than 650 billion tenge and has been providing services to large companies in the quasi-state, banking and private sectors

Jýsan Invest is entering to a new era of its development. The collection of rich experience and a new strategy based on advanced technologies will allow the Company to reach a new level in customer service. The main priority of the activity will remain the safety and security of customer assets, ease of investing and prosperity of customers


Manufacturability — in all products and processes.

Openness — to innovations, ideas in work, transparency of doing business.

Personalization — mass coverage, where each client is unique for us and will receive individually selected solutions


Team — each company has its own priorities and values ​​that lead it to success. For example, in non-financial companies, the main asset and generator of the entire production process is machinery. However, in our case, the entire business process depends on people, in particular on the team. The whole range of services we offer, ranging from consulting potential clients, preparing individual investment strategies and ending with the sale of assets, is carried out by our employees. Thus, we strive to improve the quality of our services through the development of our employees, each of whom has their own unique life and professional experience.

Accessibility — we believe that investing should be simple and accessible to all customers. We maintain accessibility, ease of communication and clarity in all processes.

Convenience — everything we do, we try to do with maximum benefit for customers. Starting from the first meeting, our clients know that their conditions and amenities are in priority.

Profitability — we strive to offer our customers the most favorable conditions, including attractive rates, taking into account individual risk preferences. Our offers can compete with offers of leaders of the global investment market.

Reliability is the basis of our work. We strive to provide a stable present and a secure future.

Innovations — we try to be the first and to learn all the trends in the market in order to provide our customers with the best and most relevant services, meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Our Goal

To be a reliable partner in the world of modern financial solutions.

Our Mission

To be a leader in our industry to meet all the needs of both private clients and corporations.

History of «Jýsan Invest» JSC

  • 2020


    Following its values and increasing technological effectiveness, Jýsan Invest is the first and only Kazakhstani broker which launched an automated portfolio formation algorithm based on a scientific approach and using quantitative and qualitative information.

  • 2019

    Listing of Mutual Funds on KASE

    Now IPIFs «Global High Liquidity Fund» and «Emerging Market Debt Fund» are available for sale in the secondary organized market. Moreover, dividends and growth in value are not taxed.

  • 2019

    Opening an account online

    Increasing the accessibility of Jýsan Invest services for all citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan through online service

  • 2019

    Launching a new platform with the bank - Jýsan24

    Now Jýsan Bank customers can receive all bank services in one application, invest in the stock market and receive the best investment solutions

  • 2019

    Conclusion of a trust management agreement for 5 interval mutual investment funds

    Jýsan Invest took over the trust management of the Mutural Funds «Global High Liquidity Fund», «Emerging Market Debt Fund», «Equity Select Fund», «KZ Sovereign Fund», «Eurasia Balanced Fund»

  • 2019

    Tsesna Capital, JSC changed its name to First Heartland Jýsan Invest, JSC

    Jýsan Invest, in the way of implementation of the new strategy launched a complete rebranding of the company.

  • 2019

    Tsesnabank JSC became a part of the First Heartland group

    First Heartland Securities JSC acquired 99.5% of common shares of Tsesnabank JSC. Together with Tsesnabank JSC, “Tsesna Capital” JSC has also become a part of First Heartland group.

  • 2017

    "The best analytics for financial markets of Kazakhstan - 2017"

    Our company, based on the results of an independent poll Kazakhstan CBonds Awards, recognized as one of the best companies in the category "Best Analyst for Financial Markets of Kazakhstan - 2017"

  • 2016

    Trading Platform- "Tsesna Capital"

    For the first time in Kazakhstan, newly launched "Trading Platform" Tsesna Capital ", allows you to trade online on the local market.

  • 2014

    National Bank of Kazakhstan licenses’ renewal

    Tsesna Capital JSC re-issued licenses to engage in investment portfolio management activities without the right to attract voluntary pension contributions and a license to carry out broker and dealer activities in the securities market with the right to keep accounts as a nominal holder.

  • 2013


    For the first time in its history, the Company one of the few organizers of Eurobonds for the largest national companies.

  • 2011

    The issue of shares of JSC "Tsesnabank"

    Placement of ordinary shares of JSC "Tsesnabank" among unlimited number of investors.

  • 2007

    Mutual Fund "Global Finance"

    The activity of the mutual investment fund Global Finance began with a confident start.

  • 2004

    Company founded

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