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Our Solutions

Jýsan Invest offers a wide range of investment brokerage services for private and corporate clients.

Private clients

Jýsan Invest offers access to all financial and derivative instruments in developed and emerging markets, paying attention to the markets of Europe and Central Asia. In addition to investment strategies in the most liquid ready-made investment solutions, the company’s specialists develop individual investment strategies to fully meet all customer needs.

We are the most efficient company in cooperation with state-owned companies…

The fund is at the development stage and will be available for investment shortly.

Advantages of working with Jýsan Invest

Individual work and flexibility

The financial expert will suggest one of the existing trust management strategies or develop a personal strategy that will take into account your requests. You can define your investment goals, investment horizon and personal risk profile.

Fast liquidity provision

The ability to add or withdraw funds without losing accrued income.


At any time, you can get full information and a regular report on the actions of the manager and the profitability of the chosen strategy.

Investments in foreign currency

Access to the market for foreign currency debt instruments, including Eurobonds. The ability to choose the investment currency.

Management motivation

Jýsan Invest remuneration depends on the positive financial result of investing funds.

Corporate clients