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Eurasia Balanced

Share growth


Target return

от ▲10%


₸10 709.0631
September 29, 2019


Capital increase above the benchmark due to the strategy of selective investment in a limited list of issuers that are suitable in terms of profitability and reliability.


The main strategy of the fund is to invest in the Central Asian and Eastern European equity and bond markets.

* In order to minimize investment losses during periods of financial crises, excessive market price volatility or deterioration of liquidity, the fund is entitled to a temporary tactical redistribution of portfolio funds into risk-free securities.

Investment parameters

The diversified portfolio of securities consisting of common shares, depositary receipts and bonds of corporate issuers of large and medium capitalisation.

Major facts of the fund

Fund rules were agreed by the NBRK and launched by the company on October 2, 2018.

Minimum investment amount – ₸ 4 000 000.

Investment assets

1. Equity securities

2. Corporate debt securities

3. ETFs

4. Repos

How to invest in
Eurasia Balanced Fund?