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KZ Sovereign

Share growth


Target return

от ▲9%


₸10 722.0969
September 29, 2019


Save capital, maintaining liquidity and get competitive returns with low capital volatility.


The main strategy of the fund is to invest in low risk and highly liquid financial instruments with a fixed rate of return in the Republic of Kazakhstan’s market.

Investment parameters

The diversified portfolio consists of bonds of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, notes of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, repos, bonds of quasi-government sector and corporate bonds 

Major facts of the fund

Fund rules were agreed by the NBRK and launched by the company on October 2, 2018.

Minimum investment amount – ₸ 4 000 000.

Investment assets

1. Short term notes of National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2. Debt securities of the Republic of Kazakhstan

3. Debt securities of the quasi-government sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan

4. Repos of the Republic of Kazakhstan

How to invest in
KZ Sovereign Fund?