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Below you can find information on the company’s brokerage fees.

Tariffs do not include commission fees of persons providing broker and nominal holder functions, including Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC, Central Securities Depository JSC, Custodian and other professional participants of the securities market, costs associated with the execution of Client’s orders and are charged upon payment.

* The volume of stock purchase / sale transactions is calculated using the formula:

      security price x number of shares

* The volume of the transaction of purchase / sale of bonds is calculated by the formula:

(net price (% of the nominal) + accumulated interest (% of the nominal)) x nominal value x number x exchange rate (depending on the parameters of the transaction)

** The amount of income / expense in a repo transaction is calculated using the formula: the absolute difference between the opening volume and the closing volume

*** When conducting operations in the international market, the custodian bank charges fees for:

  • settlement of an international transaction (for a transfer);
  • currency conversion under an international transaction; 
  • conversion of securities by an international transaction (ADR, GDR into local securities).

These fees are set by the bank and paid by the Client separately.

**** – Broker’s commission for transactions is calculated based on the executed transactions within one client order.