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The devaluation of the tenge, lower rates of return on deposits (especially foreign currency deposits), the constant growth of inflation, all this makes us look for new tools for saving and multiplying our available funds. Thus, in search of new sources of investment, more and more Kazakhs are beginning to give preference to the securities market. The easiest way to start investing in the securities market is to open a brokerage account and start trading securities on the stock exchange.

A brokerage account is your personal account opened with a broker. In this case, you independently manage your broker account, and give orders for execution to the broker. Therefore, you take responsibilities for all risks associated with transactions. The broker, in turn, carries out intermediary activities between the seller, the buyer, the exchange and settlement systems. For this activity, the broker receives his remuneration, and charges his Commission regardless of the outcome of the transaction.

To use brokerage services is beneficial to both professional and novice investors, for the following number of advantages:

  • Quick opening of a brokerage account — you can start investing today.
  • Minimum fees-the broker charges a fee for the actual transactions. Opening a brokerage account, receiving notifications and a number of other brokerage services are free.
  • There are no requirements for the minimum amount of investment-buy securities for any amount and in any quantity.
  • Technology and simplicity-trade through the broker’s trading platform without leaving your home or office.
  • Saving time-using the broker’s trading platform you do not need to come to the broker’s office, all kinds of orders, including refunds, you can issue online.

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