Initial Public Offering (IPO)

A wide base of international and local investors

Secondary Public Offering (SPO)

Extensive professional experience in organizing public and private placements

Share buybacks (buyback)

Implementation of projects, raising equity at a professional level

Initial public offering (IPO)

Initial public offering (IPO) is carried out in order to attract financing for the further development of the business, which is one of the most preferred ways of attraction of capital. IPO can increase the prestige of the company, but it requires large initial financial costs. Costs include the cost of preparing for an IPO, consultant fees and subsequent cash payments after listing.

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Secondary Public Offering (SPO)

Secondary Public Offering (SPO) is used when it is necessary to attract additional capital for companies which already successfully established themselves in local and international financing markets. Using a wide range of investors and professional experience in interacting with them, our team will provide maximum assistance in obtaining additional financing. SPO provides companies with a better image and characterizes them as reliable participants in the financial market.

Share buybacks (buyback)

Share buybacks is the process of repurchasing own shares, and in most cases signals an excess of liquidity. However, this operation is also often used to prevent a decrease in the company’s market value by increasing net earnings per share.

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