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Jýsan Invest offers a wide range of professional services on creation and management of an investment fund. At the same time, the client makes independent decisions on the desired legal form of the investment fund, the rules and the investment declaration. Since the creation and management of an investment fund is regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – NBRK), performing fund management activity requires appropriate licensing. Jýsan Invest has experience, infrastructure and an appropriate license from NBRK. Company’s task under these services are professional drafting of the documents, registration and further effective management of investment funds within the framework of investment declaration of the investment fund.

Key advantages of these services are:

  • no need to create a separate asset management company;
  • no need to obtain a license of the regulator;
  • creating your own fund with desired conditions, including commercial and investment conditions;
  • co-management with professional managers;
  • concentration on investment activities without distraction of fund servicing activities (such as accounting, reporting and other requirements of the regulator);
  • confidentiality.

We will explain the nature of investment fund structures and make a comparison between different types of investment funds to help clients make the right choice of action’s mechanism for their needs.

We adopt effective measures for the management, accounting and coordination of actions for each specific structure.

Our experience, automation and effectively developed infrastructure allows for successful synergies with any client.

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