Managed Advisory Services

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Managed Advisory Services is an expert support for clients. Often, investors miss great investment opportunities due to the lack of time to analyse the flow of information and to choose the right personal investment management strategy.

Managed Advisory Services help our clients to find interesting investment ideas in local and foreign trading floors, as well as to respond to a changing situation in time.

Unified portal for ideas and markets

We have developed a simple but comprehensive advisory service that can be adapted to your specific needs. Our services combine the widest range of asset allocation and expertise with our ability to execute and maintain assets.

Your partner at every stage of the investment process

We accompany you throughout the investment process as a reliable partner. Together we will define your strategy and create a diversified portfolio to support it. Then we will provide you with specific recommendations for making your strategy a reality. Finally, you will benefit from our execution and reporting capabilities to ensure effective management and monitoring of your portfolio.

Advice born of professional opinion

In order to provide you with timely advice and to keep abreast of developments in the market, we constantly analyse the macroeconomic and technical landscape.

Our investment recommendations are based on the scenarios outlined by our highly qualified team of economists and analysts.

Our offers provide you with realisable investment ideas for all asset classes based on the latest market events. In addition, our thematic analysis provides in-depth information and recommendations on specific topics of interest to you.