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Mergers and acquisitions of companies are a special class of economic processes of business and capital consolidation occurring at the micro and macroeconomic levels, and as a result of which larger companies are formed on the market instead of several smaller ones. The success of mergers and acquisitions (M & A), in the first place, depends on the professional experience of the financial adviser, his ability to anticipate the development of the situation and promptly respond to possible changes in the transaction process.


A merger of companies is a combination of two or more business entities, as a result of which a new, integrated economic unit is formed. It can be of three types:

1. Merging forms is a type of a merging process in which merged companies cease to exist as autonomous legal entities and taxpayers. A company formed through a merger takes on direct management of all clients’ assets and liabilities under its full control.

2. The merger of assets is a merger of companies with the transfer of ownership rights of control over their companies to the authorized capital of the participating companies and the preservation of the latter’s activities and organizational and legal forms, in this case only the rights of control over the company.

3. Affiliation is a form of association in which one of the merging companies continues to operate, while the others lose their independence and cease to exist as legal entities, all rights and obligations of the affiliated companies are transferred to the remaining company.


Acquisitions — a deal made with the aim of establishing control over the facilities of the Company and carried out through the purchase of more than 30% of the share capital (stocks, shares, etc…) Of the absorbed company, while preserving the legal independence of the society.

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