Emerging Markets Debt Fund

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Стоимость пая

$ 1 034,8835
04 августа 2020 года

Fund's Strategy

Диверсифицированный портфель с привлекательным уровнем доходности

Structure of a Portfolio

Инвестирование в долговые инструменты развивающихся рынков, деноминированные в твердых валютах

Fund's Performance

Сравните динамику изменения стоимости пая с динамикой бенчмарка

Fund's Strategy

Fund’s strategy is to offer investors an access to debt instruments in developing markets, denominated in US dollars. Fund invests in both sovereign and corporate bonds of developing markets predominantly with short and medium term maturities. By investing in Emerging Market Debt Fund investors recognise and accept higher risk of developing markets compared to developed markets, and can expect higher returns.

Fund Facts

Asset class Debt instruments of developing markets
Share sale intervals Quarterly
Fund’s net assets $12 576 629,97
Fund’s currency US Dollars
Current share price $1 034,8835
Recommended investment amount $10 000
Weighted average coupon rate 5,33%
Weighted average maturity 14 months
Expense ratio 0,83%
Sharpe Ratio (YTD) 5,79%

Level of risk

High risk
High return

Investment style

Short Medium Long
Investment grade Rating
High yield
Weighted average maturity

Investor profile

Emerging Market Debt Fund is characterized by a moderate volatility of the share price. Fund’s strategy may be interesting for investors with long term investment horizon and medium level of risk tolerance (those who are neutral to some volatility of a share price), which is compensated with a probability of a higher return levels.

Distribution by industries

Industry Share (%)
Oil and Gas 29,9%
International financial organizations 17,9%
Mining 14,8%
Quasi-sovereign 12,2%
Metallurgy 8,6%
Utilities 7,4%

Distribution by countries

Country Share (%)
Russia 55,7%
International financial organizations 17,9%
China 8,1%
Mexico 7,4%
Kazakhstan 5,9%
Malaysia 4,0%

Distribution by maturity

as of 31.07.2020 Share (%)
2 — 3 years 41,7%
1 — 2 years 3,3%
6 months — 1 year 19,7%
Up to 6 months 35,2%
До 3 лет 41.7%
До 2 лет 3.3%
До 1 года 19.7%
До 6 месяцев 35.2%

Performance (historical share prices)

Fund's level of return

Annualized returns YTD 2019 Since inception
Emerging Market Debt Fund -2.14% 4.33% 1.96%

Important information regarding fund's performance

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