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A wide range of individually designed products tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Structural product (derivative financial instrument, urgent over-the-counter contract) is a ready-made investment strategy, a comprehensive financial instrument with a predetermined term. It gives you the opportunity to invest in a certain asset and at the same time fully or partially protect investments from possible losses.

Structural (sometimes — structured) product is based on simpler financial assets and consists of several parts, each of which performs its function, protective or investment. The product structure may include deposits, securities, currency, precious metals, raw materials and other assets, as well as derivatives on them. 

Structured products fall into several categories:

— protective products with full capital protection — suitable for conservative investors, since they eliminate the risk or limit it strictly;

— profitable products with partial capital protection and aggressive — have a high potential for profitability with an increased level of risk;

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— Opportunities for hedging currency risks and commodity price risks, optimizing the borrowing portfolio, improving the revenue structure and expenses, efficient management of free cash resources, specialized services in accordance with the individual needs of the client
— Counterparty relations with major international financial institutions and full-fledged infrastructure

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